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The Abouts


My Life

I'm privileged to have a beautiful family, a great wife, many wonderful friends, and to pastor an amazing church. These are where I have the greatest times of my life. I have long enjoyed teaching, preaching, singing and writing. As well as some hobbies of cooking, riding Jet Skis, and exercise. I became a Christian at 19 and a minister at 22, it's been the journey of a lifetime and I'm looking forward to great things in the future!

My Writing

If you've taken the time to read this it's likely you have read some of my blog. I'm honored. I hope my random musings can be a blessing to someone. Writing is an outlet to express my sorrows, struggles, insights, frustrations, and maybe even some novel ideas: and I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it. It's still a work in progress as am I, as are we all.